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"It is estimated that by 2007, as much as 90% of the value of the world's top 2000 enterprises will consist of intellectual property" (PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 2003).

Public Domain and Copyright
Information for Webmasters

Here I have collected public domain resources, pages that discuss public domain legal issues, copyright information, transcripts of important public domain court cases, and any other information that, in my opinion, might be useful to webmasters researching their rights to use public domain images and free information.

Also, as an added bonus, I have listed some useful public domain sources of materials for webmasters, including public domain and open source images and public domain and open source video sources - Check them out!

I have put information and resources relating Bridgeman Art Library v. Corel Corporation on a separate page.

The Bridgeman v Corel ruling in the United States established that photographic reproductions of two-dimensional works, which themselves are in the public domain, do not have the requisite amount of originality to be protected by copyright. Bridgeman Art Library v. Corel Corporation.

Also, there is an Intellectual Property page, where I have collected resources relating to intellectual property on the web that I have found useful.

What is Intellectual Property? - Intellectual Property refers to creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce.

Check the navigation menu to the left for specific pages and resources on Bridgeman Art Library v Corel Corp, Copyright, Intellectual Property and the public domain. There are some links and resources that don't fit into other categories on this index page.


Incredible Clip Art and Images

Incredible Clip Art and Images - Incredible Clip Art and Images. Great page listing public domain and copyright free image collections and archives. There is also a good discussion and links to copyright and public domain issues. Quote from the page: "Copyright issues are becoming an important aspect of student's and educator's work on the internet. Read about some copyright myths, and licensing still images. You can read about copyright law and the internet, and you must see The Copyright Website. The latest copyright news and legislation can be found at the Creative Incentive Coalition. Educators have some additional rights to copyrights. You may visit Copyright and the Visual Arts for questions and counsel."


Images and the Law by Scott Tambert

Images and the Law by Scott Tambert - Images and the Law by Scott Tambert Quote from this page: "Images of People.... The most common problem you will run into is a photo with people in it. If you are using their images for editorial purposes, it's usually okay to use them without permission. If you are using photos with people in them for advertising, you need their permission. People have a right to profit, and exclude someone else from profiting on their photograph or likeness. This right continues after their death and is given to their heirs. Here's an example to illustrate the difference between editorial use and advertising use. If you had pictures inside a book illustrating people skiing, you would probably not need their permission. If you put that same picture on the cover of the book, you probably should get their permission. There are areas of legal exposure to also be aware of, regardless of the editorial or advertising use of the photo."


Some Famous Works and Year of First Publication

Some Famous Works and Year of First Publication - Some Famous Works and Year of First Publication (Subverted Public Domain List). This page lists works that should, by now be in the public domain. Quote from this page: "This list shows a few works of music, literature, and film that, as far as I can tell, were first published in the years shown. The "Subverted Public Domain" begins with the year 1923. Works published in that year would already be in the public domain but are still protected by the legislative swindle known as the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998"


U.S. Supreme Court FEIST PUBLICATIONS, INC. v. RURAL TEL. SERVICE CO., 499 U.S. 340 (1991)

U.S. Supreme Court FEIST PUBLICATIONS, INC. v. RURAL TEL. SERVICE CO., 499 U.S. 340 (1991 - This page discusses the legal case surrounding whether a telephone directory can be subject to copyright protection - interesting reading for webmasters. Quote from this page: "Respondent Rural Telephone Service Company is a certified public utility providing telephone service to several communities in Kansas. Pursuant to state regulation, Rural publishes a typical telephone directory, consisting of white pages and yellow pages. It obtains data for the directory from subscribers, who must provide their names and addresses to obtain telephone service. Petitioner Feist Publications, Inc., is a publishing company that specializes in area-wide telephone directories covering a much larger geographic range than directories such as Rural's. When Rural refused to license its white pages listings to Feist for a directory covering 11 different telephone service areas, Feist extracted the listings it needed from Rural's directory without Rural's consent. Although Feist altered many of Rural's listings, several were identical to listings in Rural's white pages. The District Court granted summary judgment to Rural in its copyright infringement suit, holding that telephone directories are copyrightable. The Court of Appeals affirmed."


Improve this article about Wikipedia

Improve this article about Wikipedia - Improve this article about Wikipedia - An article originally published on Wikipedia that shows the real power of the public domain, and the valuable contributions of public domain-ites.



DON’T KEEP THE PUBLIC GUESSING - DON’T KEEP THE PUBLIC GUESSING: BEST PRACTICES IN NOTICE OF COPYRIGHT AND TERMS & CONDITIONS OF USE FOR GOVERNMENT WEB SITE CONTENT. CENDI Copyright & Intellectual Property Working Group have prepared an article that addresses the issues of whether material on a United States government website is in the public domain or not.

Public Domain

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